Important information:

  • At the moment you can only pay by cash or by Maestro / credit card.

  • If the number of participants changes, you do not have to notify us as long as the maximum number (standard 6 people / duel 12 people) is not exceeded. With fewer participants, the price per person may increase slightly.

  • Please arrive on time. If you arrive late, you may not be able to play the full 60 minutes.

  • There are no parking spaces available.

  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to bring babies or pets into the game and are also not allowed to wait outside.

  • Only one discount voucher per group, no further discounts may be used.

Please find further information about the visit of the AdventureRooms in our FAQ.



You are chained in a subway and you are not sure if it is a nightmare... but it feels very real. What happens after the 60 minutes have passed... will the subway car crash? Get off the Metro as fast as you can! Our brand new AdventureRooms game.

Difficulty: Medium


You suddenly wake up in a madhouse and have absolutely no memories of what happened. Will you be able to escape? Otherwise, you will probably stay locked up for a long time! So don’t waste no time and escape!

Difficulty level: medium-difficult


Switzerland's first escape room! From Canada to Australia, this AdventureRooms- game was a global success!
Experience the very first AdventureRooms- game exclusively and only for a short time in Zurich.

Difficulty: Medium


Can you escape from the AdventureRooms Gallery? Old School Escape Room, which is still very popular, not without any reason! Play this gem exclusively in Zurich!

Only in Zurich for a short time!

Difficulty: Medium



Standard mode:

2 to 6 people
Playing time 60 minutes
Total time max 1h30

2 people CHF 49.00 p.p.
3 people CHF 40.00 p.p.
4 people CHF 36.00 p.p.
5 people CHF 32.00 p.p.
6 people CHF 30.00 p.p.

Duel mode:

6 to 12 people
Playing time 2 x 30 minutes
Total time max 1h45

3 vs 3 people CHF 40.00 p.p.
4 vs 4 people CHF 36.00 p.p.
5 vs 5 people CHF 32.00 p.p.
6 vs 6 people CHF 30.00 p.p.

(All prices VAT included.)